The choral music program at VFMS is committed to offering students opportunities to develop individual vocal skills and to enable them to experience rich musical and aesthetic experiences as part of a larger ensemble.

According to the Choral America's study, America's Performing Art: A Study of Choruses, Choral Singing, and their Impact


1. More people participate in choral singing than in any other performing art. Many regularly sing in more than one chorus.


2. There are approximately over 250,000 choruses nationwide.


3. Interest in choral singing develops early in life and is influenced by school and family experiences.


4. Choral singing helps build strong communities and bridge social gaps.


5. Choral singers are well-informed and politically aware.


6. Choral singers are joiners and major consumers of cultural and the arts.


7. Choral singers are motivated by making beautiful music, enriching their communities, and personal fulfillment